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07/15/2024 11:42 PM
Is Ohio law banning gender-affirming care constitutional? Trial began Monday
Ohio's transgender youth could get some clarity on their healthcare after this week.

07/15/2024 09:58 PM
Ohio could have open Senate seat in 2025 if JD Vance becomes VP. Who could DeWine appoint?
The nomination of JD Vance as Donald Trump's running mate raised immediate questions about the future of his Senate seat.

07/15/2024 09:03 PM
Ohio Renaissance Festival caps daily attendance, visitors must purchase tickets in advance
The long-running fair in Harveysburg announced it will cap daily attendance.

07/15/2024 08:34 PM
Trump taps Ohio senator Vance as his running mate
State’s junior senator was among Republicans who once harshly criticized Trump’s policies

07/15/2024 08:30 PM
Republicans hope Vance will help them flip several Ohio seats
Ohio has one of the country’s most competitive Senate races, and Republicans are also targeting three House races.

07/15/2024 08:16 PM
Trump taps Ohio’s J.D. Vance for VP as he wins nomination for third time
The announcement came Shortly after 3 p.m. on Monday, as the delegate members of the Republican National Convention held a roll-call vote to officially nominate Trump as their presidential candidat…

07/15/2024 08:09 PM
‘Great day for Ohio’: Politicians around state react to JD Vance VP selection
After the not too surprising news Monday that Ohio Sen. JD Vance would be the Republican vice presidential nominee, politicians across the state made their opinions known about the selection.

07/15/2024 08:06 PM
Political leaders react to Trump’s VP pick from Ohio

07/15/2024 07:44 PM
Billy Joe “Bill” Frost, Struthers, Ohio
July 6, 2024

07/15/2024 07:31 PM
Ohio Republicans are already buzzing about who could replace Vance in the Senate
Gov. Mike DeWine would get to appoint someone to the seat, should the ticket win.

07/15/2024 07:20 PM
Trial begins for Ohio's controversial transgender health care and women's sports law

07/15/2024 07:17 PM
What will happen if Ohio US Sen. JD Vance becomes vice president? A look at the rules for naming a successor

07/15/2024 07:12 PM
Has a vice president ever come from Ohio? When was the last time an Ohioan was on a presidential ticket?

07/15/2024 07:10 PM
JD Vance: why Trump picked the Ohio senator to be his VP candidate
The Hillbilly Elegy author once called Trump an ‘idiot’, and now the two are running mates – here’s what to know

07/15/2024 07:08 PM
Vance’s Scorn for Clean Energy Grew as Ohio Embraced It
Donald Trump’s newly picked running mate, Senator JD Vance, has grown more critical of renewable electricity and climate change even as his home state of Ohio embraced solar power and clean-tech manufacturing.